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fees for service

Rates for psychological services are currently $220 per clinical hour, which is the rate recommended by the Psychologists Association of Alberta.  All new therapy clients must first attend an initial intake sessions which is 90 minutes in length (80 minutes of clinical time, 10 minutes of documentation) and billed at $330. Follow-up therapy sessions are 60 minutes (50 minutes of direct clinical time, 10 minutes of documentation) and billed at $220.

Assessments are billed at a flat rate based on the average number of hours required to complete that type of assessment. Fees include all assessment components including interviews, file review, testing, scoring, report writing, and provision of feedback. The fee for a comprehensive psychoeducational assessment is $2860. Gifted assessments start at $1000. 


When you complete your intake form you will be asked to enter a credit card to keep on file. This card will be charged at the end of each session. 


Many extended healthcare plans offer coverage for psychological services offered by a registered psychologist. Contact your insurance provider for the details of your specific plan. While we do not currently offer direct billing to insurance providers, you will be issued a detailed electronic receipt to submit for reimbursement from your provider. Note that psychological services not covered by your insurance are a tax deductible medical expense.

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