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dr. sarah owens

registered psychologist, clinic owner

Trees and Mountains

Dr. Sarah Owens is a registered psychologist specializing in child and adolescent development and mental health. She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Calgary and completed her residency with the Alberta Children's Hospital Pediatric and Child Clinical Psychology program. Dr. Sarah has experience across a wide variety of settings including residential treatment, inpatient mental health, community clinics and schools. For 8 years she served as the medical psychologist for a number of clinics at Alberta Children's Hospital including the Diabetes, Endocrine, Nephrology and Urology Clinics. 


Dr. Sarah is passionate about working with young people and families to build on strengths and effectively overcome challenges. She strives to show young people that prioritizing and working on their psychological health can be an interesting, empowering, and rewarding process.

services offered

Individual Therapy
12 - 24 years

Parenting Consultation for parents of children 2 - 18 years

6 - 21 years

areas of special interest

ADHD, anxiety, bedwetting, behavioural challenges, chronic illness, depression, learning difficulties, medical phobias, obsessive compulsive disorder, oppositional defiant disorder, PANS/PANDAS, parenting, school refusal, self-esteem, sleep, trauma, Type 1 Diabetes.


Tuesdays 9 - 4 pm  |  Wednesdays 10 - 6pm  |  Fridays 9 - 4 pm


Waitlist only.

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